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Year 1964, A man standing at his late teenage started dreaming. He dreamt of touching the sky with feet firmly fixed on earth. In a small 200 Sq. ft area, he sowed the seeds of his dreams at Sodepur, far away from the city Kolkata. Gradually, the seeds turned to siblings and plants and started flowering. The greenery spread further and became today’s Sriniketan. The journey has not been smooth. Still, the man did not give up or did not compromise. He took no shortcut to success. Every step was a mark of faith, honesty and dedication.
Ever since we first went into business, the objective has been very clear, to lead with the support & patronage of our customer’s, whose satisfaction was always our primary concern. Our continuous endeavour is to provide best possible service and inspire trust through quality products and affordable price which ultimately yield customer satisfaction.
Today, Sriniketan is an example in the field of garment stores, a success story of a Bengali Business man, which is quite rare. It is the biggest garment store under single ownership, not only in Kolkata but also in West Bengal. Presently it has 6 outlets, located over an area of more than 80,000 sq. ft. Even today Sriniketan is in its endeavour to spreading new wings…….